The latest great innovation on Mumbo Island is the making of home made, fresh pasta in our island kitchen.
Our innovative island manager, Mare, managed to procure two pasta machines from friends who no longer used them, and now each chef team has its own pasta-making equipment. With this, they make delicious fresh pasta for our guests when they do their week’s shift on the island. Carbonara, primavera, arrabiata – enjoy Italian flavour on our African island!

The spin off is that, in the chefs’ week off, they make, dry and pack pasta to sell to local lodges and holiday-makers. This brings them and their families some extra income.
On that subject, our week-on week-off policy means that most of our staff have second jobs and skills in the informal sector. Some repair electrical goods, some are paper makers, some are artists, some are carvers, some are shopkeepers and some are now pasta makers. It is a system which works well for everyone involved.