After the rains and before the busy times which begin in March, we all head out to the island to make everything sparkly and fresh: we re-cover all the cushions in local chitenje cloth, which Billy the Tailor sews on his treadle Singer sewing machine; ….

James the carver and his helpers polish every carving and board game; Jurie and the carpenters replace all the wooden boards and planks that need it; Mr Kafkuta and Mr Chaidon replace any old reed work; the chefs empty the entire kitchen, scrub it from top to bottom and then wash everything and put it all back; the island teams take everything out of every tent, scrub down the whole tent and then replace it all; we clean out the whole shop and set it all out again. So now everything looks fabulous, fresh and gorgeous. And all the time, the island resounds with the sounds of laughter and joking. Got to love Malawi! Got to love Mumbo!