Mumbo recently underwent a close examination of its green credentials by an independent assessor to see whether it could be included in a coffee table book on eco-friendly resorts in Africa, and scored top marks!

The judge had this to say: “I could not find fault with your operation and scored you the highest of all the lodges I have assessed on the project, very, very well done!”

Her findings:
– Camp design is strictly minimalist and non-permanent.
– Used only locally-made building materials, furnishings & decor.
– Work well with DNPW to combat illegal fishing and deforestation.
– Low carbon footprint.
– Much of the solid waste is reused / recycled. Manufacture of glass tumblers from wine bottles is an excellent innovative enterprise development.
– Dry-composter toilets which prevent contamination of ground and surface water. Would love to see this implemented elsewhere in Malawi!
– Minimal use of harmful substances. Biodegradable detergents used.
– Local village suppliers of fresh produce are used as far as possible. Shop-bought goods that originate in Malawi are selected as far as possible to minimise air-miles and road-transport miles.
– Mitigating environmental impacts, i.e. soil erosion.
– Use goods produced with Fair Trade principles.
– Having a significant direct and indirect impact on the local economy.
– Relevant community projects on-going with enterprise and skills development.
– Outstanding customer satisfaction responses and awards received.