A number of lodges, cottages and the Billy Riordan Clinic in Cape Maclear have clubbed together to purchase a high pressure water pump and long hose to fight fires in our local village. Because the village is largely built from reed and thatch, it is very vulnerable to the spread of fire. Villagers are very vigilant about setting up the call for help if they see a fire, but there is only so much one can do with buckets being filled from the lake. Kayak Africa sourced a custom made high-pressure fire pump in Cape Town and had it sent up to Cape Maclear last month.

Our local director, Jurie Schoeman, arranged the first trial fire fighting unit and ran a test at the Gecko Lounge with local volunteers. The trial went off very well and we all feel a lot more confident that should a fire in the village begin, together we can put it out a lot more speedily. This is a joint venture between the local lodge owners and the village and fosters the sense of a united community in the village.